Who am I?

Make me laugh and I’ll love you forever.

I am a(n) …

Self-deluded writer.

Imagination fiend.

Lover of great stories in all forms.

Laughter-addicted and geek fetishist.

Feminist without apology.

Defiant and demanding progressive with a dose of self-discovery and doubt.



A person in search of a home, a culture, a niche.

Consummate animal person and a devoted veteran of animal rescue and rehabilitation.

Defender of the maligned, abused, and misrepresented, both two- and four-legged.

Incurably, insatiably curious.

Turned on by science, art that gives you pause, well-turned phrases, and the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake.

Unabashed, irredeemable, and incorrigible lover of books, language, and words.

Scientist by brain and training, literary devotee by heart and hobby.

Gobsmacked on a regular basis by beauty and the natural world.

Occasional pedant and grammar snob.



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