no not

“no. not that one. the other one.”

“this one over here?”

“no. the one next to it. the one with red on it.”

“oh. this one?”

“isn’t she cute? look at her.”

“i guess. i mean, she’s yours.”

“what do you mean “you guess”? do you not like her?”

“she… she just looks like all of the other ones.”

“no. see that bit of red? she’s different. cuter.”

“when do you get to take her home?”

“couple of days.”

“are you sure you’re ready for this?”

“yeah. i still need to get a few things. a bed. carrier. toys. that sort of stuff. you really don’t like her?”

“i do. i do. i promise. it’s just hard get a good look from over here.”

“i’ll bring you back tomorrow and you get to know her more then. but we should go now. hospital visiting hours are over soon.”


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